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MADYMOMathematical Dynamic Modeling
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Cutoff frequencies for MADYMO simulations for angular velocity data which best matched least-square or peak-match selection criteria for differentiation into angular accelerations.
For computer-aided test they also used PC-CRASH and MADYMO models.
In the approach used, constant acceleration during the crash phase was assumed for the occupant simulation, which was performed by coupling the three-dimensional car behaviour from PC-CRASH with a simplified MADYMO model of car interior, the restraint system and 50% tile Hybrid III dummy model.
AI: Please tell us a little about the design and crash simulation that is possible with your MADYMO software.
MADYMO can be used efficiently in large scale problems using an optimization process when used in conjunction with DOE software (such as Mode Frontier).
This extra set of requirements was incorporated into the existing test data used by MADYMO to develop dummies.
analyzed the influence of seat back angle, the shoulder belt anchor location, the leg hump and the spine curvature in Indy Car using the MADYMO Race Car Driver Model (RCDM) to predict thoracolumbar spine injuries during frontal impact.
Evaluation of the MADYMO Full FE Human Model in a Rear Impact Simulation of an IndyCar," SAE Technical Paper 2006-01-3659, 2006, doi: 10.
MADYMO and LifeMOD are both powerful simulation packages with specific advantages and disadvantages.
MADYMO links the computerized dummies with vehicle CAD data to perform crash simulation and safety analysis directly on the computer, saving car manufacturers the time and expense of real crashes.
Because MADYMO allows Multibody and/or Finite Element Modeling (FEM), users can create a wide variety of customized models to evaluate the effectiveness of specific restraint systems -- seat belts or air bags, for example.