MAECTMiniature Anion-Exchange Centrifugation Technique
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The cost of LNP has been estimated as 0.19 [euro], FBE at 0.21 [euro], TBF at 0.54 [euro], CTC at 0.76 [euro], and mAECT at 2.82 [euro] (4).
where cost of confirmatory [test.sub.i] = cost of material + execution time + depreciation of equipment; i = LNP, FBE, TBF, CTC, mAECT, or CATT titration; cost of [treatment.sub.k] = cost of hospitalization care + cost of drugs + cost of medical supplies; k = therapy of a true first-stage case, a true second-stage case, or a false-positive person; and probability confirmatory [test.sub.i] = the probability of executing confirmatory test in position i in the test sequence of the evaluated algorithm.
The greater effectiveness of concentration techniques (currently 2.82 [euro]/test for mAECT) more than compensates for the higher cost.
This may be a valuable strategy when introduction of mAECT or CTC is not yet feasible.