MAEDSMichigan Association for Educational Data Systems (St. Clair, MI)
MAEDSMultiaxial Assessment of Eating Disorder Symptoms
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This intervention documented a long sequence of occupation covering most of the 1st millennium BC, with a well attested Late Iron Age horizon corresponding to the Phase iv defined by the maeds team (Silva et al., 1980-1981: 171-188), which could date to an early stage of this historic period.
3)--whose foundation, possibly by Alcacer do Sal, dates back to the transition to the Iron Age (Soares and Silva, 1986)--also continues to be occupied during the Late Iron Age, as attested by the contexts attributed to Phase ill defined by the maeds team in the sequence of Travessa dos Apostolos (Soares and Silva, 1986: 96-99) and by some materials from other interventions in that city's historical centre (Silva et al., 2014: figs.
No caso especifico da DEPA, o curso de Mestrado em Agriculturas Familiares e Desenvolvimento Sustentavel (MAEDS) foi criado a partir da relacao de pesquisadores, professores e estudantes universitarios com agricultores em processo recente de instalacao, em regiao de tumultuado campo de disputa pela terra e definicao de politicas publicas.