MAEERMaharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (Pune, India)
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Maeers bought the car for PS219,375 and didn't intend to take part in the classic car race.
Allan Andrews (Con) 1,226 Linda Bigham (Lab) 2,041 *George Duggins (Lab) 2,052 Derek Franklin (Lib Dem) 831 Ian Jamie (Con) 1,070 Harry Maeers (Con) 1,090 *Val Stone (Lab) 1,881
George Duggins (Lab)* 1,561 Harry Maeers (Con) 777 Geoff Sewards (LibDem) 515
CANDIDATES: Among the Conservatives standing on Thursday are (back, from left) Gary Crookes (Wainbody), Nigel Lee (Westwood), Brian Kelsey (Bablake), Cliff Ridge (Whoberley), (middle) Margaret Rigby (Lower Stoke), Harry Maeers (Longford), Heather Johnson (Binley and Willenhall), (front) Heather Rutter (Sherbourne), Hazel Reece (Stoke), Susanna Dixon (Wyken) and Joan Griffin (Whoberley).