MAEIMalaysian American Electronics Industry (American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce)
MAEIMorningstar Air Express Inc. (cargo transport; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
MAEIMacedonian Alliance for European Integration (political group)
MAEIManchester Arts Education Initiative (est. 1993; UK)
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"We regard the recognition of a nonexistent Bulgarian minority in the regions of Prespa, Golo Brdo and Gora populated by Macedonians as serious violation of international law, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, genocide against the Macedonian people and a crime against humanity," MAEI's secretary general Vasil Sterjovski said at a news conference in Korce.
The only Bulgarians in Albania are the staff of the Bulgarian Embassy in Tirana," MAEI said in a statement.
An identification key was constructed for these species using as two characters of the PCR product its size and the restriction patterns generation using the three restriction enzymes EcoRI, MseI and MaeI (Table 3).
These are some of the projects currently being undertaken by the MAEI.
MAEI's Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program includes Aboriginal content, including case studies, teaching strategies and examples of successful Canadian Aboriginal business leaders.
To that end, Martin and his family started the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative (MAEI), which has as its focus not only education but also entrepreneurial opportunities.
This is a labeled bracketing to show the reanalysis for such sentences as Sone hit maei illumpen > Soon it may happen (Roberts--Roussou 2003: 40).
Almeida & Stouthamer (2004) emplearon los tamanos de los productos de PCR del ITS2, y las enzimas de restriccion EcoRI, MseI y MaeI para elaborar la clave molecular de identificacion de las especies T.
Sales may decline to 38.7 billion ringgit ($18.8 million) this year, a survey by the Malaysian American Electronics Industry, or MAEI, found.
These markers were as follows: polymorphic XbaI (27), MaeI (29), and MspI (30) sites in exon 26; polymorphic EcoRI (31) and Eco57I (32) sites in exon 29; and a hypervariable repeat region (HVR) downstream of the apo B-100 gene (33, 34).
The Macedonian party in Albania--the Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (MAEI) --most harshly condemns the taking into custody of Edmond Temelko, Mayor of the Municipality of Pustec, on suspicion of committing fraud during the local elections in the Republic of Macedonia in 2013.
RBC HAS COMMITTED $300,000 to the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative (MAEI) to support the expansion of its Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship program and encourage young people to stay in school.