MAELUMutual Atomic Energy Liability Underwriters
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Paragraph 1(a)(1) was thus intended to prevent cumulation of liability in those situations where the insured is also entitled to coverage under a facility form or supplier's and transporter's form policy issued by NELIA, MAELU or NIAC.
To summarize, paragraph 1(A) of the exclusion only applies if there is coverage for the nuclear liability under a nuclear energy liability policy issued by NELIA (or ANI), MAELU or NIAC; or the insured is required to maintain financial protection pursuant to the Atomic Energy Act or is entitled to indemnity from the United States in connection with the liability under the Price-Anderson system.
Today, the pools operate under the names American Nuclear Insurers (ANI) and Mutual Atomic Energy Liability Underwriters (MAELU), A third pool, Mutual Atomic Energy Reinsurance Pool (MAERP) was formed as a reinsurer of MAELU policies.