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MAEOMedium Altitude Electro-Optical
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(20) Sangkeet Chanthanapho, The Meo 's Junction (Chum thang khon Maeo), Nonthaburi: Than Buakaew, 2000, p.
116-17, which discuss three kinds of funeral structures: maeo, lang klai, and prasat-, however, I have yet to see maeo or lang klai in use.
'Thap maeo' cultivada na Fazenda de Ensino Pesquisa e Extensao da UNESP, Campus de Ilha Solteira, localizada no municipio de Selviria-MS, no periodo de 10 de abril a 10 de maio de 2011.
In the task which requires maximal voluntary co-contractions of the upper arm muscles, stronger elbow flexors would need only to be activated to the extent to which they cancel the torque produced by weaker elbow extensors, resulting in a lower activation level in the elbow flexors than in the extensors during the task (Maeo et al., 2013a, c).
O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a composicao nutricional (proteina bruta, extrato etereo, fibra bruta, FDA, FDN e cinzas) da linhagem POS 09/100 de Pleurotus ostreatus cu#ivada em tres eombinacoes de residuos (pseudocaule, folha e pseudocaule + folha) e quatro cultivares de bananeira (Thap maeo, Prata ana, Pelipita e Caipira).
"Wrth edrych ar wynebau'r bobl yma a meddwl bywyd mor galed oeddan nhw wedi'i gael, mi wnaeth o fy nharo i mai'r chwareli sydd wedi gwneud y pentref fel y maeo."
The ATARS includes the Infrared Line Scanner (IRLS) and visible-light Low and Medium Altitude Electro-Optical (LAEO and MAEO) sensors, two digital tape recorders, and a reconnaissance management system.
Micropropagated banana plantlets (Musa sp.) of Tap Maeo and Berlin genotypes, which are tolerant to and sensitive to salinity, respectively, were acclimated for 25 days in a hydroponic system prior to the experiments.
(2004) reported higher pH values for the Caipira variety (4.68) when it was compared to the Thap Maeo and FHIA 18 varieties, with pH 4.37 and 4.60 respectively.