MAEPMississippi Adequate Education Program
MAEPMinnesota Artists Exhibition Program (est. 1975)
MAEPMécanisme Africain d'Évaluation par les Pairs (French: Mechanism of the African Peer Review)
MAEPMetropolitan Adult Education Program
MAEPMichigan Association of Environmental Professionals (East Lansing, MI)
MAEPMiddle-Latency Auditory Evoked Potential
MAEPMaximum Allowable External Pressure
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396/99, which stipulates that infected pigs must be culled, is enforced (MAEP, 2009).
TABLE 4: Statistics summarizing goodness-of-fit ([R.sup.2]), external validation ([Q.sup.2]), average absolute error (AAE), maximum absolute error (MAE), average absolute error in percentage (AAEP), and maximum absolute error in percentage (MAEP) for the quantitative structure activity relationships established in the current study and in Chen et al.
Tabela 1: Sintese dos pontos positivos e negativos do instrumento avaliativo CSEI MAEP PROINFO TICESE Cronje Hanna [1998] et al.
The Times-Commoner said MAEP's decision to construct the plant in Salem follows nearly two years of investigation into potential sites.
More startling is the fact that, if our state statute, the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP), were fully funded, Mississippi's public schools would still fall far short of our neighbor states, trailing them by an average of $600 per student.
le Pr[euro]u[c]sident de la R[euro]u[c]publique, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, avait pos[euro]u[c] les jalons de la construction africaine avec comme piliers essentiels les programmes du Nouveau Partenariat pour le D[euro]u[c]veloppement de lae1/4aoAfrique (NEPAD) et du M[euro]u[c]canisme africaine dae1/4aoEvaluation par les Pairs (MAEP)".
In Benin, development projects focused their activities on the control of major diseases, fodder availability and concentrate feed (Djenontin et al., 2009, Zoffoun et al., 2011a), the creation of waterholes (dams), transhumance management, veterinary prophylaxis and animal genetic improvement (Koudande et al., 2008, MAEP, 2011).
Neither creating a new entitlement program in the guise of school choice nor making Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) funding mandatory will help our children flourish in school.
La conference sera animee par des enseignants africains specialises en droit constitutionnel issus d'Algerie, d'Afrique du Sud, de Tunisie, du Nigeria, du Senegal, du Benin et du Gabon ainsi que des personnalites representant la Commission africaine et le Mecanisme africain d'evaluation par les pairs (MAEP), des presidents et des representants d'instances constitutionnelles nationales.