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MAERMaximum Allowable Emission Rate
MAERMeta-Analysis of Economic Research (network)
MAERMultiple Assets Effectiveness Report
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Maer was in charge of the First Battalion of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment in the Maysan area near Basra in 2004.
One of the advantages of the N2N technology, says Maer, is that two bottles joined at the neck in each mould cavity can be blow moulded instead of just one, which means that the hourly production rate for consumer products such as the yoghurt containers can be doubled.
87) Preparatory information, Lynken Canariens: 'Is gevallen in de passie, ende soo sy daerinne viel seyde, ick soude meer seggen maer den duyvel quelt my.
After we verify the validity of Dichotomy Backfilling (DB) algorithm by comparison of Mean Absolute Errors Rate (MAER) on Original Data (OriD), MAER on Repaired the Data (RepD) and MAER forecasting on Mean Average Backfilling (MAB) algorithm respectively, we find the actual rate can be reduced very small.
The MAER obtained from the UVER and MVLR models for cost estimation functions are presented in Table 8.
Cf L Maer, Royal Marriages--Constitutional Issues House of Commons Library Note SN/PC/03417 (2 Dec 2008) 3-4, but see below n 41.
You may be eeing eouoa work maer ais aking pacebusay proessionayour ime wicome ar sooner an you ink.
In die verlede moes maer Afrika-vroue gewig aansit, omdat hulle nie by die stereotipe van die Afrika-vrou met die voller figuur voldoen het nie.
FJORGN'S MAER, EARTH'S DAUGHTER, FREYJA I was the branch of a tree in blossom, the apple petal's delicate pink--0 I was some simple, familiar thing--the sea- swallow's wings , white violet in the sand-- Imagine truth and happiness and beauty too: a lamb asleep at the fruit tree's mossy root, or the solitary hill beneath summer stars, how the fingers feel inside the bubbling spring, the laughing boy holding out his palms, a plump gourd, honey, skin.
When his continuing feud with fellow student Ambrose lands him in serious trouble, Kvothe is persuaded to leave school for a few months and serve the powerful Maer Alveron across the sea in the land of Vintas.
MANIER Maer men muet eerst die vueten vegen, Of onverswegen en blijfter niet een quaet woort.