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MAESAMeasurements for Assessing the Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft (NASA)
MAESAMid-Atlantic Episcopal Schools Association
MAESAMeasurements of the Atmospheric Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft Experiment
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Madasari also engages with gender issues, discussed in the subsequent section, where we find fellow author Djenar Maesa Ayu, who in MenyusuAyah ('Sucking Father's Milk'), addresses rape and sexual violence in Indonesia through a compelling and unconventional narration.
Figure 1 shows higher production of dried crude extracts from roots and leaves of Maesa lanceolata L.
Actress Eva Mendes is working with Maesa and Walgreen's on an exclusive cosmetics line.
The fall coaching staff for Tahanto Regional is Deb Draper, varsity field hockey; Neil Greenwald, varsity golf; Patrick Minihan and Liz Anderson, cross country; John Ducat, varsity girls soccer; Joel Goulet: varsity boys soccer; junior varsity (JV) field hockey, Maesa Phongsamouth; JV girls soccer, Chuck MacKinnon; JV boys soccer: John Neusch; middle school (MS) girls soccer, Brittany Ciesluk; MS boys soccer, Nate Wheeler; MS golf, Rich Eiremann.
Evaluation of biological activities of triterpenoid saponins from Maesa lanceolata.
ALFONSO MAESA, Fine Arts major in Advertising Art, UST
Energetic women of the Severan house, Julia Maesa and Julia Soaemias, took advantage of the military turnaround to regain dynastic power.
Many plants available in Uganda, namely Psidium guajava, Pseudathri hookeri, Capiscus frutescens, Cannabis sativa, Hibiscus aponeurus, Toddalia asiatica, Bidens pilosa, Vernonia amygladina, Rhus vulgaris, Hypericum peplidifolium, Paullia pinnata, Canthiium gueinxii, Maesa lanceolata, Leonotis mollissima, Annona senegalnesis, Ehretia cymosa, Lippia javanica, are used in traditional folklore medicine for treatment of diarrhea.
and manufacturer Maesa to launch with 181 products, CBS News reported.
They then assisted such tenants as cosmetics company The Maesa Group, the LegalAid Society and the Innocence Project to first fit their space requirements within each floor's extended, 50,000 s/f foot print and then tailor the design to their requirements.
mexicana Hederin Hederacolchiside A1 Pentamidine Ampho B Maesa balansae Maesabalides III Maesabalides L infantum (Myrsinaceae) IV Amphotericin B L infantum Stibogluconate Stibogluconate L donovani Pera benensis Plumbagin L amazonensis 3,3' - Biplumbagin 8,8'- Biplumbagin Glucantime Cephaelis 1- L.
They have three children, daughter Maesa, and sons Jack and Lewis.