MAFBMacDill Air Force Base (Florida)
MAFBMcChord Air Force Base (Washington)
MAFBMcConnell Air Force Base (Kansas)
MAFBMaxwell Air Force Base (Alabama)
MAFBMcGuire Air Force Base (New Jersey)
MAFBMinot Air Force Base (North Dakota)
MAFBMalmstrom Air Force Base (Montana)
MAFBMoody Air Force Base (Georgia)
MAFBMcClellan Air Force Base (California)
MAFBMean Age at First Birth
MAFBMid America Freedom Band (Kansas City, MO)
MAFBMather Air Force Base (California)
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Because of the costs that can be involved in bird-aircraft collisions MAFB has hired a wildlife biologist to employ wildlife abatement measures to lower the number of strikes on the flight line.
As of 2002, MAFB pilots are required to report any and all bird strike evidence via an "Air Force Wildlife Strike Report.
The publicly owned land layer did not include MAFB which was added and combined with the publicly owned land layer using the edit, cut and paste method.
There were 700 documented bird and wildlife strikes involving MAFB aircraft from 1 January 1990 to 17 August 2006.
Analysis of the records (excluding the partial 2006 data) reveals that there has been an average of approximately 40 MAFB aircraft-related bird strikes per year, from as little as two reported strikes in 1991 to as high as 121 reported strikes in 2003 (Figure 3).
However, this is somewhat misleading because most publicly owned land strikes occur over the MAFB airfield (Figure 4).
Of the 360 MAFB aircraft strikes for which altitude was recorded, 98% occurred at or below 910 m, and 84% occurred at or below 305 m.
When the MAFB strikes are removed from consideration, the surrounding privately owned land accounts for the majority of strikes.
We thank Richard Lewis, GIS specialist in the Civil Engineer Squadron, MAFB and Paul Vincent, Valdosta State University for their time and effort in helping with the accuracy and spatial data analysis of this project, and Odin Stephens, BASH Biologist at MAFB for important information used in this study.