MAFBMacDill Air Force Base (Florida)
MAFBMcChord Air Force Base (Washington)
MAFBMcConnell Air Force Base (Kansas)
MAFBMaxwell Air Force Base (Alabama)
MAFBMcGuire Air Force Base (New Jersey)
MAFBMinot Air Force Base (North Dakota)
MAFBMalmstrom Air Force Base (Montana)
MAFBMoody Air Force Base (Georgia)
MAFBMcClellan Air Force Base (California)
MAFBMean Age at First Birth
MAFBMather Air Force Base (California)
MAFBMid America Freedom Band (Kansas City, MO)
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The MAFB value among religious women reached about 19 years and for non-religious women it was almost 22.5 year.
The relative protein abundance of MAFB and FXR in rat liver tissues and Chang liver cells was determined by western blotting using the anti-MAFB (#ab56242, Abcam, UK) and anti-FXR (#AB10304, Merck Millipore, Germany) antibodies according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Thus, impaired bone mineralization from dysregulation of osteoblast and osteoclast was suspected and MAFB mutation might be responsible for MCTO disease in this patient.
Let-7g-5p HMGA2 [69] miR-10b-5p Bcl6 [80] miR-19a Undetected [64] miR-19b Smad7 [43] miR-21 FasL, PDCD4 [41, 42] miR-22-3p HDAC6 [68] miR-23a Fas, Runx2 [70, 71] miR-24 Tcf-1 [81] miR-27 APC [56] miR-29a-3p DKK1, Kremen2, sFRP2 [82] miR-30 family Smad1, Runx2, LRP6 [59] miR-100 BMPR2 [83] miR-124 Dlx5, Dlx3, Dlx2 [73] NFATc1, RhoA, Rac1 [73] miR-125 ErbB2 [63] miR-140-5p BMP2 [65] miR-142 APC [60] miR-148a Kdm6b [46] MAFB [45] miR-2861 HDAC5 [75] Table 3: miRNA dysregulated in plasma of osteoporotic patients and their function.
Morita et al., "MAFB prevents excess inflammation after ischemic stroke by accelerating clearance of damage signals through MSR1," Nature Medicine, vol.
The MAF family consists of 7 members, which are grouped into "large" (c-Maf, MafA, MafB, and Nrl) and "small" (MafG, MafK, and MafF) Maf subfamily, based on their size [6].
LIN28is repressed by miR181, thereby interrupting the LIN28/let-7 and axis then let7 is upregulated; finally it promotes megakaryocyte differentiation identifying that miR-130 targets MAFB and miR-10a expression inversely correlate with HOX A1 in differentiated megakaryocytes [53,113].
Stein, "MafA and MafB activity in pancreatic cells," Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol.
These rearrangements can involve more than a dozen partners, including CCND1-XT (chromosome 11), FGFR3 (chromosome 4), MAF (chromosome 16), CCND3 (chromosome 6), and MAFB (chromosome 20), as well as unknown partners.
Collisions between birds and aircraft are common at Moody Air Force Base (MAFB).