MAFEMarin Association of Female Executives (San Rafael, CA)
MAFEModem Analog Front-End (computer equipment)
MAFEMichigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (Munger, MI)
MAFEMinistry of Agriculture and Food Economy (Poland)
MAFEMinistry of Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment (Sierra Leone)
MAFEMaintenance of Air/FMF Expeditionary Equipment
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Una vez efectuada la matriz FODA con su listado de fortalezas, oportunidades, debilidades y amenazas correspondientes, la siguiente etapa es realizar una matriz que se deriva de la anterior: la denominada primeramente como MAFE (amenazas, oportunidades, debilidades y fortalezas), desarrollando cuatro tipos de estrategias, de acuerdo con lo propuesto por David (1997):
Sin embargo, se considera que el nombre de esta matriz con el acronimo MAFE asignado por David (1997) no es adecuado, pues realmente no explica lo verdaderamente importante de la matriz, que consiste en formular estrategias.
We recomputed the results in Table 3 using the relative MAFE instead of the relative MSFE (to save space, the results are not tabulated here).
The MAFES Sales Store is a perfect spot to score delicious cheeses, ice cream, salsas, jellies, and blueberry cider.
Strange Brew scores points for fine coffee, while campus-based State Fountain Bakery devotedly uses MAFES products to great effect for dessert.
Whitten was tested in nursery plots on the research facilities of MAFES in 1996 and 1997.
MAFES researchers use the gin to process some of their larger research plots.
This article is MAFES publication number J-9617 and Center for Environmental Health Sciences publication number 102.
Following a honeymoon at Walt Disney World, the couple is at home in Starkville, where the bride is a consumer banker at Cadence Bank and the groom is a MAFES research associate and instructor in the School of Human Sciences at Mississippi State University.
The blackberry research plot is located on MAFES North Farm, at Mississippi State.
On the eve of the wedding, the groom's parents hosted a rehearsal dinner at the MAFES Conference Center on the Mississippi State University campus.
Foundation seed will be maintained at the MAFES Foundation Seed Stock, Mississippi State, MS, and will be sold to producers of registered and certified seed.