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Maffi et al., "Alloantibody and autoantibody monitoring predicts islet transplantation outcome in human type 1 diabetes," Diabetes, vol.
Dit bevat onder andere Kay, Berlin, Maffi & Merrifield se artikel 'Color naming across languages' wat die data van hul navorsing insluit.
Their complexities captured inside specific locations such as the Victoria Embankment and Picadilly Circus Underground Station in Woolf's novels (Bradshaw), Sussex and Romney Marsh (Patey), Auden's islands (Smith), New Orleans (Maffi), and the Mexican-American transfrontera (Schiavini) signal what the real aesthetic and semantic potential of nomadic geographies can be.
Recently it has been suggested that Kuhn may have worked on the translation jointly with the anti-Fascist Bruno Maffi, whose name could not appear, or even that Maffi might have been the real translator.
Iss Tra Aisan Kar Diya, Kissi to Maff Kar Diya Kissi Sey Maffi Mang Lee" (I have made my Life Easy, By Excusing Some For The Hurt Caused To Me And Apologised To Others, Whom I Might Have Offended).
In the 1990s, the idea of biocultural diversity gained traction as anthropologists and linguists identified the overlays between biological and linguistic loss, particularly between the extinction of plant and animals and the decline of endemic languages (Maffi, 2008).
(127.) For Aristotle, the foundation of political community was "the family group," by which he "mean[t] the nuclear family." Alberto Maffi, Family and Property Law, in The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Law 254, 254 (Michael Gagarin & David Cohen eds., 2005).
Pietro Maffi ed il Vicario Capitolare di Venezia, si faceva osservare <<che talora si possono nella pratica incontrare delle difficolta>>; ma non mancavano neppure lamentele di un vescovo verso l'altro perche <<anticipate>> nei discorsi oppure perche <<talune espressioni delle preghiere delle collette tempore belli non sono convenient!