MAFIMagyar Állami Földtani Intézet (Geological Institute of Hungary)
MAFIMinistry of Agriculture and Food Industry (Vietnam)
MAFIMatched Filter Algorithm
MAFIMeconium-Amniotic-Fluid-Infusion (coagulation)
MAFIMedic Alert Foundation International (Turlock, CA)
MAFIModified Amniotic Fluid Index (obstetrics and gynecology)
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A senior official of the airport said the MAFI project, which is now set to complete, will provide a major boost to civilian flight operations.
LIFEIMI MAFI lines out for a much-changed Munster at The Sportsground tonight.
The formal Acceptance and commissioning of the MAFI pilot project at Model Base; Air Force Station Bhisiana, is a significant milestone in the much awaited and ambitious air-field infrastructure development project of the IAF, Navy and the Coast Guard.