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MAFIAMazzini Autorizza Furti Incendi Avvelenamenti (Italian: Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Fires and Poisonings)
MAFIAMusically Artistic Friends in Alliance (band)
MAFIAMothers Against Fathers in Arrears (non-profit organization for custodial parents owed child support)
MAFIAMusic and Film Independent Artists
MAFIAMorte Alla Francia Italia Anelia! (Italian for 'Death To the French Is Italy’s Cry')
MAFIAMetro Atlanta Feminists in Action
MAFIAMothers and Fathers in Action
MAFIAMelissa Anelli Fans in Action
MAFIAMasters at Finding Intelligent Attitudes (hip hop group)
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Farooq said that if land mafia did not retreat from the land then the board would take legal action against it.
Their move was seen as a crucial breach in the wall of silence and fear that has been surrounding the mafia organization and its illegal business for many decades.
In the face of increasing oppression, the Mafia called upon the men of Palermo to rise against King Charles and his forces.
Mainland-based crime syndicates have eclipsed the weakened Sicilian Mafia in influence in international drug trafficking, but corruption and extortion still enrich the Sicilian Mafia.
Seven of the Mafia members had been convicted of murder, 17 for violent crimes and the remainder for crimes such as drug trafficking, sexual exploitation and kidnapping, according to Discovery Magazine.
Libera actually holds an annual vigil to remember their kin killed by the Mafia, but this is the first time a pope joined them for the event.
As always, the GB oil mafia has created artificial shortage of fuel and a strike by the carriage contractors has been engineered during the biting cold, said Dr.
In 1990, he was assigned to a parish in Palermo dominated by a Mafia family.
A Russian government official has warned about the reach of the Russian mafia in Goa, India.
that have been the subject of strong mafia contamination," he said.
Sudheeran said the administrative mechanisms to control such mafia appeared to be failing and that the attack of the sand mafia against the Kozhikode district collector was an example of the dire situation.