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MAFIASMicro Ammonia Flow Injection Analysis System
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He said that mafia was involved in food adulteration and added that pesticide mafia had damaged our agriculture system.
'Our region was considered one of top cotton producer regions but pesticide mafia has damaged agriculture,' he said.
My priority would be to give right posting to honest and efficient police officers so that confidence is reinstated and criminal elements and mafias feel insecure.
Summary: Restoration of law and order and eliminating the mafia in the state will be priority, says BJP leader
While most authors contend that globalization has made it easier for international organized crime to migrate and transplant their activities to different locations, Varese argues that mafias seldom move, and when they do, it is rarely motivated by expansionism but forced by court orders, mafia wars, or prosecution in the country of origin.
"We weren't playing the game as hoodlums," founder Piers Mathieson told the Mercury News last summer, "We were playing the game as protectors of the city." For those within the protectorate, though, the would-be state looked like yet another mafia, and the result was a civil war.
Even as mafias associated with the former Kosovo Liberation Army have been disarmed in Kosovo, an analogous "liberation movement" has popped up in neighboring Macedonia.
Undergraduates at the University of Coventry will be able to choose the Mafia option from September.
Our failures gave birth to the mafias and helped strengthening their role in the politics.
"Atlanta is a very queer place, but I noticed that there didn't seem to be a femme presence at all," explains Smith, founder and prima donna of the mafia.