MAFISMerc Advanced Factory Information System (Barrowford, UK)
MAFISMalaysian Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System
MAFISMobile Automated Field Instrumented System
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The invitation to tender for the area is carried out with the aim of a priority lease to a service company which offers the maintenance and maintenance of lorries, trailers, mafis and equipment located in the roundabout over the seaport -Rostock on the leasehold.
The TO is very high, particularly for the ferries mixing passengers on foot, in own cars, in buses and in rail wagons with accompanied trucks, unaccompanied semi-trailers, containers and swap bodies on mafis, and other ro-ro units as well as rail freight wagons.
LGL is a US and non-US Flag vessel operator, charterer, and manager, with special emphasis on Pure Car/Truck Carriers and Con-Bulkers, transporting government cargoes and government-impelled cargoes such as rolling stock, vehicles, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, Mafis, helicopters, tracked vehicles, fork liftable cargos, household goods, containers, and all break and loose bulk commodities.