MAFSMass Air Flow Sensor (Car Part)
MAFSMinistry of Agriculture and Food Security
MAFSMidwestern Association of Forensic Scientists
MAFSManheim Automotive Financial Services (US and Canada)
MAFSMid America Financial Services (Schaumburg, IL)
MAFSMinistry of Agriculture and Food Supply (various locations)
MAFSModular Airborne Firefighting System
MAFSMissouri Association of Faculty Senates (est. 1993)
MAFSManagement Arrangements Feasibility Study (UK)
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MAFS is a joint venture between BDO Leasing and JACCS, Sojitz Corp.
Similar to its findings on the EastWest-PBCom transaction, the PCC argued the Mafs buyout will not lead to a substantial lessening of competition in the car-loan market.
This "MAFS" Season 6 couple surprised fans last year by announcing in the reunion special that they had a baby on the way.
The total genotyping rate of remaining sequences was 0.996, but 480 SNPs failed the missingness test (missing genotype>0.1), and 10,160 SNPs with a minor allele frequency (MAF) of <0.05 were excluded.
These MTs were selected with polymorphism in 3' UTR: MT2A G > C (rs10636) (30% for MAF according to Entrez SNP base) and MT1M G > A (rs2270836) (15% for MAF).
However, the minor allele frequency (MAF) of rs11928865 was as high as 0.32 in Caucasians, whereas it was as low as 0.14-0.20 in Asians [14].
A total of 707 cases and controls were needed to detect 80% power with a fixed MAF of 0.1, assuming an OR of 1.4 and a Type I error P of 0.05.
By testing 100%, 10%, and 0% of mutant cell line/PBMC DNA mixtures, we confirmed that all assays performed well to detect expected MAFs and that KRAS drop-off results agreed with conventional tests (Fig.
The SNP genotype score G is simulated from a Binomial distribution, Binom(2, [f.sub.0]), where the minor allele frequency (MAF) [f.sub.0] = [p.sub.0] + [p.sub.1][X.sub.2].
We selected 8 potential functional SNPs of UCP2 and 7 potential functional SNPs of PPAR[gamma], including promoter, exon, 5 untranslated region and 3 untranslated region based on the screening standards (the minor allele frequencies (MAF) are more than 20% in Han Chinese according to the HapMap Han Chinese in Beijing (CHB) group).
Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (MAFS) and the Southern Association of Forensic Scientists (SAFS) Joint Annual Meeting