MAFTMobile Aircraft Firefighting Trainer (firefighting simulator)
MAFTMulticomputer Architecture for Fault Tolerance
MAFTMarriage and Family Therapy
MAFTMass Air Flow Translator (automotive engineering)
MAFTMajor Airframe Fatigue Test (aviation safety)
MAFTMississippi American Federation of Teachers (Gulfport, MS)
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As variaveis T e MAFT sao estatisticamente significativas para um nivel de significancia de 1%, apresentando sinal positivo, tal como esperado.
Estatisticas descritivas para a amostra com 258 observacoes Painel A: Variaveis continuas Variavel Media Desvio Minimo Maximo padrao IND_Sem [section]79 0,6837 0,0985 0,4118 0,9412 T 9,0428 0,8454 7,4208 11,0000 R 0,0483 0,5543 -4,1552 4,0674 E 6,1932 10,0571 0,2508 94,8715 AI 0,3031 0,3208 0 0,99732 MAFT 0,2820 0,2153 0,0000172 0,97548 IND_Sem [section]79: Indice de Cumprimento sem o paragrafo 79 da IAS 16; T: Tamanho (log A); R: Rendibilidade (RLP/CPP); E: Endividamento (P/CPP); AI: Atividade Internacional (VEx/VV); MAFT Montante de Ativos Fixos Tangiveis (AFT/A).
Speaking during the ceremony, MAFT President Mahmut Yeter stated that those organizations aim to increase the awareness and recognition of Turkish culture and establish friendship bridges among societies.
* We perform extensive simulation experiments to evaluate MAFT by several performance criteria.
In Section 6, we design a novel energy equilibrium routing, viz., multi-attribute fusion tree (MAFT).
In this section, we proposed an energy equilibrium routing method for WSN, viz., multi-attribute fusion tree (MAFT).
For these reasons, we establish a multi-attribute fusion tree (MAFT).
Additionally, MAFT can support both active and passive data gathering.
The establishment of MAFT is started from the sink node by broadcasting an advertisement (ADV) message.
In this section, we evaluate the performance of MAFT via simulation experiments under NS2.
We compared MAFT with MTE-F, where MTE-F includes the data fusion process based on MTE.
MAFT President Mahmut Yeter said his organization strove to increase awareness of Turkish culture.