MAFTMobile Aircraft Firefighting Trainer (firefighting simulator)
MAFTMulticomputer Architecture for Fault Tolerance
MAFTMarriage and Family Therapy
MAFTMass Air Flow Translator (automotive engineering)
MAFTMajor Airframe Fatigue Test (aviation safety)
MAFTMississippi American Federation of Teachers (Gulfport, MS)
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Additionally, MAFT can support both active and passive data gathering.
The establishment of MAFT is started from the sink node by broadcasting an advertisement (ADV) message.
In this section, we evaluate the performance of MAFT via simulation experiments under NS2.
We compared MAFT with MTE-F, where MTE-F includes the data fusion process based on MTE.
It can be seen that the total energy consumption in MAFT is lowest when both the energy-conservation efficiency of data fusion and the remaining energy is considered.
In MAFT, the dead times of the first and last node are both later than the others.
It can be seen that the lifetime of MAFT is always longest at the same [d.
However, MAFT and MAFT-NF still exhibits a longer lifetime than the other two protocols.