MAFWEMinistry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Economy (Macedonia)
MAFWEMinistry of Agriculture, Forests, Waters and Environment (now Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development; Romania)
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type of animal transitional organic total Cattle 712 1.981 2.693 Sheep 28.160 45.551 73.711 Goats 412 2.605 3.017 Source: MAFWE, 2013
Pieterse gained first-hand experience of the lifestyle and traditions of the Mafwe boy he writes about during a long stay in the Caprivi; he is also an honorary member of the Mafwe (Van der Walt, 1998:2; Van der Westhuizen, 2005:366).
Muyongo was removed from his post in the DTA and fled from Caprivi into Botswana with other Caprivi leaders, including the governor, John Makumba, Chief Mamili of the Mafwe, ex-Namibian Broadcasting Corporation radio broadcaster Stephen Mamili and Chief Kippi George of the Khoe San.
Acaso resulte demasiado simple decir que el Khuta, la autoridad tradicional, constituye el punto de inflexion, la bisagra entre los namibios caprivianos en tanto que ciudadanos (en su "condicion nacional"), y de esas mismas personas en tanto que mafwe o masubia (en su "condicion etnica").
[Obertura] (2) Caprivi, los mafwe (3) y Lusata: breve historia critica sobre los festivales culturales
An existing software solution is developed on Oracle 11g database Linux platform; The code of the application is in Java and PL / SQL; The software solution uses Web services to exchange data with SRAC ( Single Farm Register ) of MAFWE (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water ); The licenses are Oracle Enterprise Edition per core; Reports are made in IReport Designer.
The project's overall objective was to provide technical assistance to Macedonia's Ministry of Agriculture culture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE) and the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development (AFSARD) in order to strengthen the national and regional capabilities that are required to tackle the priorities of EU alignment, market oriented reforms and development in the sector--focusing in particular on the development of Agri-environmental measures.
Cleaning of the drainage and irrigation canals in the year 2015 for the requirements of the Water Management Directorate with the MAFWE.
Contract notice: IPA Agriculture information system upgrade and establishment of data exchange systems between MAFWE and other relevant institutions.