MAGCMississippi Association for Gifted Children (Gulfport, Mississippi)
MAGCMetal Arts Guild of Canada
MAGCMinnesota Agri-Growth Council (St. Paul, MN)
MAGCMidwest Arithmetical Geometry in Cryptography (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Urbana, IL)
MAGCMulti-Antenna Gaussian Channel
MAGCMaximal Anaerobic Glycolytic Capacity (muscle performance)
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This paper investigates the dynamic surface control (DSC) problem for MAGC systems, in which the uncertainties are estimated by the ESO.
MAGC system is a typical electrohydraulic servo system with nonlinear attributes and uncertain properties.
In this section, we establish the mathematical modeling for the MAGC system.
For a practical MAGC system, the unknown functions [f.sub.1](x, t), [f.sub.2] (x, t) and their derivatives [h.sub.1](t), [h.sub.2] (t) are all bounded; that is, [parallel]f(x, t)[parallel] [less than or equal to] [f.sub.d] and [parallel]h(t)[parallel] [less than or equal to] [h.sub.d], where [f.sub.d] and [h.sub.d] are positive scalars.
For MAGC system (11) with the control input designed as (37) and ESO (18), the estimation error [??](t) and the states are semiglobal uniformly ultimately bounded.
The MAGC system we discuss is a fourth-order system, which has two unknown nonlinear terms and two outputs.
Access to MAGC lawyers was not unlimited, and key legal opinions concerning important targeting decisions remain classified, as do specific rules of engagement (ROE).
Even more significantly, only the respective heads of the MAGC and ILD have the power to expand and change the definition of what the Israeli military considers a 'lawful target'.
Shortly after the intifada began, the Chief of Staff, Shaul Mofaz, telephoned the MAGC asking Commander General Menachem Finklestein (then MAG) and Col.
The legal contention was that Israel had entered what MAGC lawyers termed 'an armed conflict short of war'.
In early 2001 the MAGC issued a legal opinion setting criteria to govern the nascent policy (Reisner, interview; Alon and Harel, 2002):
The crucial rider here was the MAGC's definition of what constitutes 'direct participation'.