MAGCMississippi Association for Gifted Children (Gulfport, Mississippi)
MAGCMetal Arts Guild of Canada
MAGCMinnesota Agri-Growth Council (St. Paul, MN)
MAGCMidwest Arithmetical Geometry in Cryptography (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Urbana, IL)
MAGCMulti-Antenna Gaussian Channel
MAGCMaximal Anaerobic Glycolytic Capacity (muscle performance)
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For a practical MAGC system, the unknown functions [f.
For MAGC system (11) with the control input designed as (37) and ESO (18), the estimation error [?
The MAGC system we discuss is a fourth-order system, which has two unknown nonlinear terms and two outputs.
In the previous section, we do not use this kind of method, because Assumption 12 is more conservative than Assumption 2 and in MAGC systems the parameters values are very large such that calculating better design parameters is difficult to meet the demand of engineering, which can be seen in the following simulation.
The MAGC system has mismatched uncertainties and disturbances.
Finally, the simulation on MAGC system is performed and the results show the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Those in circle three ("logistics and other supporters, the driver, the guy who provides ammunition, et cetera") could be construed as legal but because the question of what constitutes 'support' was especially difficult, the MAGC advised the military to focus on circles one and two because they deemed them "undisputedly combatants".
The Israeli government and the MAGC have become very concerned about these claims, especially since the publication of the Goldstone Report in 2009 (the UN investigation into war crimes committed by Israel and Hamas in the 2008-09 war), which was highly critical of Israel's targeting policies and protocols.
The conditions set by the Court were remarkably similar to those laid out in the MAGC legal opinion, though this is perhaps unsurprising given Kretzmer's (2002, pages 2-3) observation "that in almost all of its judgments relating to the Occupied Territories, especially those dealing with questions of principle, the Court has decided in favor of the authorities, often on the basis of dubious legal arguments.
In one key instance, however, the HCJ went further than the MAGC opinion.
Moreover, in expanding the definition of DPH the Court set precedent for and gave strength to future MAGC legal opinions and advice that would, when the operational circumstances required it, push the envelope on permissible targets even more.
A MAGC legal memo (which remains classified) defined this civilian infrastructure as legally targetable.