MAGECMiami Area Geriatric Education Center (Miami, FL)
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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use of its redesigned MAGEC system with its RELINE Small Stature system for the the adult and pediatric deformity markets.
The clearance for our redesigned MAGEC system with RELINE Small Stature highlights our speed to market and our further commitment to bringing procedural solutions that transform care to the pediatric deformity market.
The key benefit of using the MAGEC rods, rather than traditional growing rods, is that we can extend the length of the rods when required via remote control in a straightforward, pain-free process, without the need for further surgical procedures," said Dr.
The largest benefit of MAGEC rod technology is that it removes the need for repeat operations.
Sparing patients of painful invasive surgeries, the MAGEC telescopic rods are surgically fixed to the patient's spine in order to brace and straighten it during growth.
Mr Noordeen said: "At present, kids need major surgery to get their backs straightened but MAGEC means we can do it in about half an hour in outpatients.
With the MAGEC Technology, a single minimally invasive surgical procedure is completed.
The Companys MAGEC system is the only magnetically controlled growing-rod system cleared by the FDA for pediatric spinal deformity.
In addition, Ellipse's product candidates that leverage the MAGEC technology platform addressed a significant global opportunity of more than 690,000 annual procedures based on this data.
Ellipse has developed the MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control) Technology for treatment of spinal deformities.
The MAGEC System is CE-Marked and Ellipse recently initiated a product launch at the International Meeting for Advanced Spine Therapies (IMAST) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
This funding will enable Ellipse to initiate commercialization of the MAGEC and PRECICE products as well as invest in expanded uses of these patented technologies to new markets.