MAGICCMultiple Agent Intelligent Coordination and Control (Brigham Young University; Provo, UT)
MAGICCMultiple Aircraft GPS Integrated Command and Control
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The combinations of MAGICC and SCENGEN climatic changes for the end of the 21st century were calculated in comparison to the baseline period 1961-1990.
MAGICC is a Model for Assessment of Greenhouse-Gas Induced Climate Change consisting of a set of interrelated simple models.
Figures 6 and 7 depict results of a large number of MAGICC cases, indicating annual emission reductions required to meet this warming goal, along with corresponding C[O.
Knappenberger, along with climatologist colleague Patrick Michaels, used the MAGICC climate simulator developed by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research under funding by the EPA to find that if there were a 100-percent cut of carbon emissions from the entire industrialized world, it would only avert global warming by 0.