MAGIQMulti-Attribute Global Inference of Quality (decision analysis technique)
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MAGiQ will develop iPSC-derived, glial-restricted progenitor cells (GRPs), in collaboration with Q Therapeutics and Reprocell, to treat demyelinating and degenerative diseases of the CNS.
Having a very low phase noise microwave synthesizer available in a single MMIC package is a key technology for MagiQ Technologies.
"We provide open systems for researchers to play with and we are glad they are doing it," said Anton Zavriyev, director of research and development at MagiQ.
When most of the budget phablets like the Zync Cloud Z5, iBall Andi5c, MagiconmNote and WickedLeak Note are mimicking the Samsung Galaxy Note; the Mercury MagiQ tries to keep a distinct design for itself.
The company also benefitted from the addition of several new machines, such as a Holz-Her Magiq 43" sander, Champion air compressor and dryer, and a Hoffmann beaded face-frame system.
Major players in the global quantum cryptography market include Crypta Labs (UK), Magiq Technologies (USA), Infineon (Germany), Nucrypt LLC (USA), NEC Corporation (Japan), PQ Solutions (UK), Quintessencelabs (Australia), Qubitekk (USA), Qutools GmbH (Germany), and Toshiba (Japan).
22 -- Kobian has announced the launch of its first dual SIM tablet - Mercury magiQ. The 5-inch magiQ tablet seems to be more of a hybrid much like the Samsung Galaxy Note or the Dell Streak rather than a tablet.
The GH200 comes with the MagiQ feature, a new colour filter created by BenQ.
Spindle ** Holz-Her US Inc., 5120 Westinghouse Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273 Tel: (704) 587-3400 Fax: (704) 587-3419 Kundig Topiq 2 * Kundig Magiq 2 * Kundig Primo 2 * Kundig Duplex 2 * Kundig Triplex 2 * Kundig Quadrex 2 * Kundig Pinnacle 2 * Kundig CNC 2 * Kundig Uniq 5 Kundig Uniq S 5 * Kundig HPL 2 * Boarke K 2 * Boarks RK 2 * JET, WMH Tool Group, 2420 Vantage Drive, Elgin, IL 60123 Tel: (800) 274-6848 Fax: (888) 605-2101 JSG-1 Bench Model 8, 11 * JSG-6DC Sander/Grinder 8, 11 * JSG-96 Sander/Grinder 3, 8, 11 * EHVS-80 Horizontal/ 5 * Vertical Edge Sander JOVS-10 Oscillating 14 * Vertical Spindle Sander JOVS-10 Oscillating Disc 14 * JBOS - 5 14 * JSM-606,610,612,620,630 12, 14 * JSM-603-5, 603-6 12 * 603V-5, 605V-6 Larick Machine Inc., 409-A Delozier Dr., Ft.
Looking at the synthetic benchmarks, it performed better than some entry level tablets such as Mercury Mtab, Reliance 3G Tab and Beetel Magiq. But then, it is not really fair to compare the Mini PC with tablets, as they are completely different product categories, but the scores are just for reference purpose.
The Zync Z999 Plus, Mercury mTab Neo 2, Milagrow Women Tab, Beetel Magiq Glide, Intex iTab, and the iBall Slide boast of 8GB internal storage where as the other devices like the Zync Z990, iBerry AUXUS AX02, HCL MeTab U1, Micromax Funbook, Zync Z909 Plus boast of 4GB internal storage.