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MAGMAMulticultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area (Canada)
MAGMAMinimal Architecture for Generalized Markup Applications (early name for eXtensible Markup Language, XML)
MAGMAMountain Area Gem and Mineral Association (est. 2000; North Carolina)
MAGMAMid-America Gospel Music Association (Farmington, MO)
MAGMAMulticast and Anycast Group Membership Working Group (IETF)
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From this, they were able to get "pretty convincing evidence" that the ferrous iron and its resulting chemical breakdown in magma oceans could have helped jumpstart the oxygen in our atmosphere, back in its early days.
In the case of the Luenha picrites, named after the research area near the Luenha River, the geochemical compositions indicate a hot magma source that is in many respects different from previously reported magma sources in the Karoo province.
To calculate how long the magma was stored at this boundary area, the researchers used a volcanic mineral known as spinel like a tiny stopwatch or crystal clock.
These terms refer to the ways the layers of magma either drip or rocket from the inner Earth and then harden to create the various volcano shapes.
Interested and eligible students can send their application to the office of Magma Fincorp Ltd.
With a focus on ICUs, Magma has created a tool based on analytical intelligence, which provides a broad and systemic view of every Intensive Care Unit, transforming decision-making processes with agility, improving financial management and reducing hospitalisation time.
"The process we discuss is essential not only to develop resurgence, but also for the formation of the magma reservoirs responsible for the largest eruptions on Earth," researcher Valerio Acocella said.
It will be ground-breaking to be able to monitor the magma body itself and understand more about the environment down there.
Magma will be providing loans up to 90 percent of total cost of the car, which can be repaid over a 5-year period.
Dr Ubide said: "Just as investigators reconstruct events to learn the truth, we prise magma injections from the crystals that are transported to the surface by erupted magmas to do the same thing.
If the scientists are right, there is enough magma inside to fill the Grand Canyon more than 11 times!
"The ground deformation survey indicated that there's magma ascending at the crater.