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MAGNOXMagnesium Alloy Graphite Moderated Gas Cooled Uranium Oxide Reactor
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Geoff Suitor, head of the Magnox Programme for the NDA, said: "Removing all the used nuclear fuel from a station, when it finishes generating electricity, is the first major step in removing the all the hazards and decommissioning the site.
During the past 25years, Interserve has also finished several building and infrastructure projects for Magnox at sites comprising Hinkley Point A, Berkeley and Bradwell.
The plan proposed by Magnox was discussed at the Burnham Town Council meeting on April 13, where councillors generally agreed that the proposal was deemed a safe and secure strategy.
The move is part of a four-way tie-up between the college, Horizon Nuclear Power, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Magnox.
In 2001 Magnox was fined pounds 100,000 - plus costs - after being convicted of committing offences at Bradwell and the Hinkley Point nuclear power station near Bridgewater, Somerset.
Commenting on the programme, Magnox contract manager Peter Malone said: "The annual outage is an extremely important period for Wylfa site.
Confidential Whitehall documents reveal that years later UN inspectors asked Britain for copies of the Magnox blueprint so they could do their jobs properly.
Since then, the true relative costs of the Magnox programme have been distorted by comparisons made on the basis of historic capital costs eroded by inflation, and comparisons with modern plants that could not have been an option for investment decisions made in the 1950s.
PROACTIS, the Spend Control and eProcurement specialist, today announced that it has secured a contract with nuclear power operator Magnox Ltd.
The event was generously sponsored by her employer and Magnox Ltd of Chapelcross.
2bn deal to decommission the UK's ageing fleet of Magnox nuclear power stations cost the taxpayer PS122m, an official report has found.
Magnox Ltd and its supply chain used innovative techniques and unique solutions to manage the waste, which mainly consists of pieces of the magnesium alloy cladding that surrounds Magnox nuclear fuel.