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MAGNOXMagnesium Alloy Graphite Moderated Gas Cooled Uranium Oxide Reactor
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Geoff Suitor, head of the Magnox Programme for the NDA, said: "Removing all the used nuclear fuel from a station, when it finishes generating electricity, is the first major step in removing the all the hazards and decommissioning the site.
Mandy Walker, Learning and Development Manager for Magnox Ltd, said: "The relocation of our Learning and Development Services team to Coleg Menai enables us to work more closely with the college, who are an Approved Provider of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, to deliver training and qualifications to a recognised standard.
It is the second time in eight years that Magnox has been fined for breaching legislation governing nuclear waste disposal and plantmaintenance.
Magnox, found guilty earlier this month, was also told to pay pounds 150,000 costs.
Almost 750 valves were successfully overhauled recently, on-site at the UK's largest Magnox nuclear power station, by specialist engineering and technical services company Furmanite, helping to keep the major shutdown on-schedule.
The UK has three types of reactor - ageing Magnox, gas-cooled reactors; Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) and Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs)
nuclear power units fails to note that the world's first civil nuclear reactor--the Calder Hall gas-cooled Magnox reactor in Cumbria, U.K.--had come on line significantly earlier.
There are two reprocessing plants at Sellafield, the Magnox reprocessing plant,for fuel from the first generation of British reactors, and Thorp, that reprocesses fuel from the latest reactors for British and overseas customers.
They were snatched by Soviet spies during the Cold War and passed to the North Koreans, who then used them to build the Yongbyon Magnox plant.
Since then, the true relative costs of the Magnox programme have been distorted by comparisons made on the basis of historic capital costs eroded by inflation, and comparisons with modern plants that could not have been an option for investment decisions made in the 1950s.
M2 PRESSWIRE-September 2, 2019-: Magnox Ltd becomes a subsidiary of the NDA