MAGRAMMagnetic Radar Absorbing Material
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Magram has over 20 years of drug discovery and development experience.
MagRAM. Again, the material parameters for the MagRAM sample which are determined by measurement in [13] are [[epsilon].sub.r] = 10.65 - j1.50 and [[mu].sub.r] = 1.65 - j0.9.
The mid-points of the [[epsilon].sub.r] and [[mu].sub.r] intervals correspond closely to the nominal [[epsilon].sub.r] and [[mu].sub.r] values of the MagRAM sample.
Magram AJ, Horan TC, Pearson ML 1999 Guidelines for prevention of surgical site infection American Journal of Infection Control 27 97-132
Henry Magram is a senior at Pikesville High School in Baltimore.
Federated does expect to sell as ongoing businesses Arizona Mail Order, which includes the catalogs Old Pueblo Traders; Lew Magram; Brownstone Studio and Bedford Fail; Figi's; and Popular Club Plan, all of which are divisions of Fingerhut.
The chip's inventor, Richard M Lienau, unveiled an 8-bit design based on the technology - which has been dubbed MAGRAM ferromagnetic memory - this week.
Mozambique's vast reserves of white, magram and grey marble proved to be of great interest to international investors with concessions being granted or negotiated with the Portuguese companies Sociedade Portuguesa de Empreendimentos (SPE), Multirocha SA, the Hungarian company Geotorr and a joint venture between the Bulgarian Bulgargeomin and Minex, a Mozambican company.
BK Holdings Ltd, Bartholomew Transport Company Ltd, Bridgecon Ltd, D&S Harrichan, Waste Disposal, Critical Engineering Solutions, Flexible Enterprises Ltd, Ninel Transport and Sewer Services Ltd, Raj Persad Transport Company Ltd, Sahadeo Magram Contractors Ltd, M&N Enterprises and General Transport Company and NEDCOM Ltd were among the other firms.
Tenders are invited for Constuction of concrete road, underground drain androadwidening at panditdindayal ward from najjuthekedar to ravi magram and other under dalitettarsudhar yojana (2nd call)