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MAGSMount Albert Grammar School (New Zealand)
MAGSMackenzie GEWEX Study
MAGSMidwestern Association of Graduate Schools
MAGSMultiagent and Grid Systems (journal)
MAGSMonthly Ags (Adventure Game Studio competition)
MAGSMemphis Archaeological and Geological Society (Memphis, TN)
MAGSManage Authorized Grades and Skills
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Different from PMIP, the PMIP-Group scheme uses the aggregated PBU and PBA messages between LMA and MAGs. Accordingly, we get the RD of PMIP-Group as follows:
According to above equations, the location updated cost of the proposed scheme is expressed as shown in Equation (7), in which t is the number of neighbor MAGs.
Although the idea of two mags on a single shaft seems awful, the actual field history of the mags could best be described as "not as bad as you might think."
Who could forget Mags' heartbreak over the death of her son Tony or her tears when Bernie left for Canada?
They continued to chip away at the Mags defence and bagged a well deserved goal on half time when Bridge's shot spun in after ricocheting off Matthew Beesley
Although Mags grew up around dogs, Taz is a very special dog who has made a tremendous difference to her life.
A voice in my head went, "Great, just another teen mag." I thought including celebrities would take away from GL's original principles.
we have received a flood of mail concerning the Auto Mag: what was this gun?
The 7mm Ultra Mag is based on the big, beltless .404 Jeffery, and Nosier used that 7mm Ultra Mag case (with 14 modifications) to create the .26 Nosier--which was necked up in 2015 to create the .28 Nosier.
Convicted heroin dealer Mags - who was exposed by the Daily Record - has kicked daughter Catherine out of the family home in Alva, Clackmannanshire, after a furious row over cash.
Mags Boys (Hargreaves 2, Marry) drew 3-3 with Allerton (Jones 2, Thompson) and Netherley Woodlane put seven goals past Ash Celtic.
As the spring and early summer of 1953 proceeded, the Marine squadrons of MAGs 12 and 33 kept up the pressure, flying countless sorties against enemy lines and installations.