MAGTF C2Marine Air-Ground Task Force Command and Control
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The major programs of record that comprise the MAGTF C2 portfolio were defined, approved by Marine leadership, and documented with Marine Corps Systems Command responsibility for acquisition.
The MAGTF C2 concept of operations documents the C2 capability requirements for the Marine Corps over a seven-year period.
The MAGTF C2 CONOPS describes steps on the path to achieving the MAGTF C2 vision.
In accordance with the MAGTF C2 CONOPS, "all MAGTF combat operation centers (COCs) will possess a 'common' command and control and communication systems infrastructure."
Capability Sets (CAPSETS) were developed to deliver integrated MAGTF C2 capabilities across MAGTF echelons.
MAGTF C2 CAPSETS address the need to support the operational command and control requirements specific to the expeditionary needs of the MAGTF.
MAGTF C2 is command-centric and focuses on the warfighters serving their information needs in support of decision-making across all MAGTF elements.
MAGTF C2 identifies and connects Marine-unique and specific warfighting capabilities and requirements to Naval and joint initiatives and charts a path to a Marine net-centric capability in the future that is "born joint."
Achieving these MAGTF C2 capabilities requires a strong partnership with the designated Joint Command and Control Capability Portfolio Manager (JC2 CPM), U.S.
There are many challenges to realizing MAGTF C2. The JC2 CPM, by addressing C2 challenges common to the entire joint force, including information assurance, data strategy implementation, service oriented architecture (SOA) and net-centric services development, and interoperability with our allies, coalition, and agency partners, will lend support to MAGTF C2 development.
This facilitates a proactive analysis of the systems and technical views to demonstrate how the system will integrate into the next generation MAGTF C2 nodal architectural build.
Using this process, the Marine Corps will be able to anticipate what capabilities are required to achieve the level of subscribers and service necessary at a given MAGTF C2 node to make informed decisions concerning investment offsets as shown in Figure 4.