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MAGUSMultilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms
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The Minister said: I wish to pay tribute to the work of Bill Smith and the other members of the MAGUS Board in progressing the project to this stage.
The colours and textures of the fabrics and leathers chosen by Magus Designs underline the design of our furniture -- a very inspiring and eclectic combination.
There, however, the presentation is more descriptive than analytic, and the focus is less on Simon Magus than on Simon Peter.
These include the grimacing black page in the Christ Church drawing, who removes the turban of his master, as the latter readies himself to give his treasure to the young Christ Child, and the Magus Balthazar, who stands on the left, in profile to the right, in the Getty drawing.
6) From this single source the majority of subsequent Greek and Latin Fathers either expanded or repeated verbatim the view that Simon Magus was a heretic so that by the fourth and fifth centuries he was considered the "perpetrator of all heresies," according to Jerome and Vincent of Lerins.
In such an overall context, it is a wasted opportunity to dismiss Bruno's Copernican diagram in the Cena, which has been at the center of a long and complex twentieth-century discussion, with only the briefest of comments based on frequently questioned nineteenth-century sources (but then, why should a magus be interested in Copernicus?
But the painting of the adoration that clinches his discussion with a representation of a young black king who looks extremely feminine also includes a turbaned, black-bearded magus and a white-haired, bald-pated, clean-shaven one (117, fig.
Part one of the book takes on the "myth of the magus," which, Sherman argues, ignores a substantial body of Dee materials unrelated to or even incompatible with this representation.