MAHCMalignancy-Associated Hypercalcemia
MAHCMinnesota Austin-Healey Club (car club)
MAHCMissourians against Human Cloning
MAHCMedical Associates Health Center (Wisconsin)
MAHCMaharishi Ayurveda Health Centre (UK)
MAHCMaximum Allowable Housing Cost
MAHCMarion Area Health Center (Ohio)
MAHCMissouri Administrative Hearing Commission
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CDC's MAHC defines a spa as "a structure intended for either warm or cold water where prolonged exposure is not intended.
It will prevent state and local health departments from having to reinvent the wheel every time," says Michael Beach, associate director for healthy water at the CDC and a member of the MAHC steering committee.
MAHC calls for hotels like Hotel A to have an "on-site responsible supervisor," who is in charge of water treatment operations when a "qualified operator" is not present.
org), which supports the use of aquatic facility inspection and other data to optimize the MAHC and supports MAHC adoption, could, through its membership, facilitate the cross-agency multidisciplinary collaboration needed to develop a set of tools to maximize the power of aquatic facility inspection data.
MAHC development and maintenance is the result of an ongoing collaboration among federal, state, and local public health officials, and representatives from the aquatics sector.
From the beginning, these partners also recognized the importance of keeping the MAHC up to date.
I would submit that the MAHC push for more outside air is an admission that dilution at current rates does not solve the problem.
MAHC is national guidance that can be voluntarily adopted by state and local jurisdictions to minimize the risk for illness and injury at public aquatic facilities through facility design, construction, operation, maintenance, and management.
The MAHC is national guidance that can help state and local jurisdictions and the aquatics sector make swimming and other recreational water activities healthier and safer.
October 6-7, 2015: Conference for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) Biennial Conference, "Bringing the Voice of Aquatics to Updating the MAHC," Scottsdale, AZ.
In August 2014, CDC released the first edition of MAHC (http://www.
The goal is to understand the current interest in the MAHC and standardized inspections for aquatic facilities.