MAHFMetro Alliance for Healthy Families (Minnesota)
MAHFMichigan Animal Health Foundation (est. 1969)
MAHFMichigan Aviation Hall of Fame (Michigan Aeronautics Commission)
MAHFMulti-Agency Homelessness Forum (UK)
MAHFMountain Area Hospice Foundation (est. 1987)
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The MAHF award is one of the highest distinctions given to individuals in the industry.
7, the ultimate flexural strength was 71.85 MPa, [[sigma].sub.c] was 67 MPa, whilst MAHF was only 59.26 MPa, as indicated by the two circles on the curve in Fig.
(DAN), by way of Jedor intersection, and that you are to follow the airplane with the NASA callsign, depicted with a double-line chevron, beginning the approach on the other side of the GPS "T." Your assigned MAHF (Missed Approach Holding Fix), should you need it, is Jedor, and a dashed line on the display shows you your individualized missed approach course.