MAHPMajor Accident Hazard Pipeline
MAHPMidAmerica Housing Partnership (Cedar Rapids Iowa)
MAHPMissouri Association of Health Plans
MAHPMissed Approach Holding Point (aviation term for landing)
MAHPMaster of Arts in Historic Preservation
MAHPMiles Above Head of Passes (nautical miles)
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Method Leukemia Colon Lung Prostate IGA-FBFE [13] 94.20 (35) 90.09 (30) 91.23 (80) 88.12 (50) BQPSO [14] 100 (7) 92.52 (11) 99.96 (9) 99.25 (10) CAGC [15] 95.3 (866) 91.9 (135) -- 68.9 (3071) ILASSO [16] 98.61 (14) 90.32 (4) 100 (7) 96.08 (9) RT-PLSDA [17] 94.12 (9) -- 97.99 (4) 91.18 (18) MAHP [18] 92.78 (5) 83.47 (5) 88.77 (5) -- SU [19] 100 (6) 83.87 (4) 100 (3) 93.14 (4) DRF0-CFS [20] 91.18 (13) 90.0 (10) 98.66 (17) 85.29 (113) IG-SGA[21] 97.06 (3) 85.48 (60) -- 100 (26) [SLLE-SC.sup.2] 99.7 (5) 95.4 (4) 94.8 (3) 97.3 (5) Table 10: Biological significance of leukemia data.
According to a MAHP spokesperson, patients who could not get access to methadone through addiction clinics were responsible for co-payments or out-of-pocket costs.
They feared that Hollis Street might fracture without his presence and that no one, not even their recent replacement minister, could hold them together (Mary to Horace 1818, June 25, MAHP).
This study takes the advantages of CBR and MAHP and introduces the dynamic transition probability.
MAHP argued that requiring drug coverage could disrupt the market by forcing some individuals and employers to increase spending to buy plans offering benefits that they now do without.
With the online request-for-quote, Banta provided information detailing exactly what MAHP needed and received three quotes within the first two days, compared to the typical two or three weeks it normally takes to receive bids once you've determined which companies to solicit bids from.
Load the next approach while on the miss and you can go to that approach IAF immediately, skipping the MAHP. Here, we were on the KAEG RNAV22 miss.
The catch was on procedures calling for a climb on runway heading to a specific altitude before turning to the MAHP. The GPS knew track, but not heading.
She said that MAHP's board of directors might undertake a broad-based study of best practices for opiate and related addiction treatment.
With regard to getting an expect further clearance (EFC) time for holding at the MAHP (Readback, October 2011IFR), that's generally done only when requested by the pilot, either for training or to wait for weather to improve.
Health care costs in Massachusetts are 33 percent higher than the national average, an MAHP analysis found.
Many, many pilots misuse the GPS moving map on missed approaches by simply following the direct line from the airport to the missed-approach-holding point (MAHP) instead of flying the required climbs and turns before heading to the MAHP as published.