MAHPMajor Accident Hazard Pipeline
MAHPMidAmerica Housing Partnership (Cedar Rapids Iowa)
MAHPMissouri Association of Health Plans
MAHPMissed Approach Holding Point (aviation term for landing)
MAHPMaster of Arts in Historic Preservation
MAHPMiles Above Head of Passes (nautical miles)
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Sharon Torgerson, director of public relations at Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts, not a member of the MAHP, said that the insurer has provided Methadone coverage for the past decade and works with providers to make the option accessible to patients.
Tufts, a member of MAHP, has covered methadone in the past and will continue to do so, he said, emphasizing that controls are in place to provide coverage "while mitigating misuse and abuse.
MAHP argued that requiring drug coverage could disrupt the market by forcing some individuals and employers to increase spending to buy plans offering benefits that they now do without.
MAHP wants the Connector to create new options for consumers, not remove existing options, Linzer says.
With the online request-for-quote, Banta provided information detailing exactly what MAHP needed and received three quotes within the first two days, compared to the typical two or three weeks it normally takes to receive bids once you've determined which companies to solicit bids from.
Load the next approach while on the miss and you can go to that approach IAF immediately, skipping the MAHP.
This is the second year in a row that MAHP has recognized Molina for its innovative programs to help mothers and their children.
Many, many pilots misuse the GPS moving map on missed approaches by simply following the direct line from the airport to the missed-approach-holding point (MAHP) instead of flying the required climbs and turns before heading to the MAHP as published.
Because it mandates coverage of any disorder listed by the American Psychiatric Association, "This mandate opens the door to requiring coverage for diagnoses that are not appropriately treated in the behavioral health setting and would require coverage of `non-medical' services as part of medical coverage," MAHP said.
In 2001, the MAHP Pinnacle Award for Best Practices was created to recognize outstanding programs of member plans and their participating providers.