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MAHRMinnesota Advocates for Human Rights (est. 1983; now Advocates for Human Rights)
MAHRMalta Association of Human Rights (est. 1998)
MAHRMaximum Aerobic Heart Rate (exercise)
MAHRMaster of Arts in Human Resources (degree)
MAHRMedically Assisted Human Reproduction
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A custom Mahr machine costs about the same as other non-customized units, because Mahr units can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing machinery without the need for additional auxiliary equipment.
Options exist of creating your testing device yourself by purchasing the standard elements out of the catalog or having Mahr realize a turnkey solution.
El doctor Mahr senala que la presbicia, para casi todos, es parte normal del envejecimiento y dicho proceso continua con o sin anteojos.
On its face, the mahr agreement is a standard financial agreement that obligates the husband, in the event of divorce, to provide his wife a financial payment.
Jim Baney, Maureen Mahr, Jennifer Curtis and Kanis Glaewketgarn
The question is why women are reluctant to ask for their Mahr during normal married life and what happens when they assert their right and demand it.
Mahr joined SIOR in 1978; and in 2009 was inducted into SIOR's "Legacy Circle" in Toronto, Canada.
52) In Jabri, a divorcing wife sought payment of her deferred dower, or mahr, and one-half of the value of the family home.
Embedding Mahr (Islamic Dower) in the European legal system.
The project is being done with the help of a reference formtester from Mahr Federal Inc.
6sqm Abu Mahr Health Centre will start next month in what would be the largest facility in the city.