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MAHRMinnesota Advocates for Human Rights (est. 1983; now Advocates for Human Rights)
MAHRMalta Association of Human Rights (est. 1998)
MAHRMaximum Aerobic Heart Rate (exercise)
MAHRMaster of Arts in Human Resources (degree)
MAHRMedically Assisted Human Reproduction
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Chaudry has often been cited by commentators as evidence that judicial interpretation of mahr agreements has a disparate impact on women.
The defendant made several payments throughout the marriage, totaling $3,900 toward the $51,000 mahr. In 2016, the plaintiff filed an action for separate maintenance and the defendant filed a counterclaim for divorce.
The mayors plan on reaching out to the leadership of both houses, Mahr said, to address the importance of expungement of non-violent cannabis convictions moving forward.
The Bimanese concept of mahr assumes that marriage is a joint investment.
In order to properly situate mahr agreements within their cultural context, it is important to understand some basic aspects of Islamic law and the functioning of Islamic marriages.
He further claimed that the allegedly detained workers along with their fellows Anwar Pasha, Shaheen Bashir, Saleem Bashir, Noora Bodla and candidates Samsam, Mahr Javed and his brother Mahr Iqbal had threatened him of dire consequences if he along with his associates did not support the PTI candidates.
Punjab minister for disaster management Mahr Ijaz Achlana
Monetary prizes will be awarded to the winners across several categories, including Mahr Feature, Mahr Short, Mahr Gulf Short and Mahr Emirati.
Mahr Federal's (Providence RI) Millimar C1200 digital IC amplifier now has several new features, including an increased application range and user security.
Mahr Metering Systems Corporation has been delivering the highest quality metering pumps for over 60 years.
From her point of view, this is a separate process from any possible action in family law, where she will receive a mahr in the sum of $5,000, or succeed in forcing a division of property according to Western family law.
"We're working with a high-volume Tier 2 supplier where we have to inspect every single part, make the measurements, and pass it along or fail it," says George Schuetz, director of Precision Gages at Mahr Federal (