MAHSManual Arts High School (Los Angeles, CA)
MAHSMichigan Administrative Hearing System (Lansing, MI)
MAHSMcNair Academic High School (Jersey City, NJ)
MAHSMenlo-Atherton High School
MAHSMiddletown Area High School (Pennsylvania)
MAHSMinnewaska Area High School (Minnesota)
MAHSMount Airy High School (North Carolina)
MAHSMichigan Association of Honor Societies (Lansing, MI)
MAHSMcKeesport Area High School (Pennsylvania)
References in classic literature ?
"Yo'--yo' giant yo'--yo' may be strong laik a bull, but ya' ain't got as much sense as mah mule, Boomerang!
'Well, you see, Mis' Martin, you has one chance to mah two.' 'I don't see it,' Martin said.
We walked up narrow lanes where our gharry--a tiny box of a thing on wheels, attached to a jibbing Bur mah pony--could by no means have passed.
'And is there a price upon his head too - as upon Mah - all the others?'
Consumers should receive the full value they are promised when they receive a rebate from a business, Mah said.
This legislation will expand on the Treasurers office ability to make sure consumers are receiving the funds that they were promised, Mah said.
If the foreign medical device company has its own office or a subsidiary in Japan, that office can act as the MAH and hold registrations in the company's name.
The MAH or DMAH structure is composed of three controllers.
Should an adverse event occur, it is the job of the three MAH controllers to decide how and when the event should be reported to the PMDA.
The MAH melt grafting system with St comonomer is actually a multimonomer grafting PO system (24), (25).
The MAH and styrene (St) monomer used were commercially available (analytical grade).
In this article, FTIR analysis is used to confirm that whether MAH and/or St are grafted onto POE matrix.