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MAHUMichigan Association of Health Underwriters
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Gross and microscopic lesions observed in all goats examined in the present study are similar to those described for shipping fever (WILD & MILLER, 1991; MAHU et al., 2015; ZECCHINON et al., 2005).
Top with mahu or chicharon, diced onions and sliced chili.
The constable, in civvies, reportedly accused Mahu of running a liquor den which the latter denied.
The word mahu quickly became a derogatory term when it never, ever had been."
The Mahu Sag, which is located in the northwestern Junggar Basin, is the most important hydrocarbon-generating sag in the basin [35].
"Similarly, in Mahu of Madhya Pradesh, where Baba Saheb was born, it is also being developed as a pilgrimage.
The Swat's famous tourists destinations like Malam Jabba, Kalam, Madain, Fizagut and Mahu Dhand lake was being flooded with tourists these days and finding a suitable room in hotels, restaurants and rest houses for staying was merely a dream due to its nice and pleasant weather.
Compiling a new gazetteer was part of the assimilation process, but in some cases could lead to violence: Dennis gives as an example the story of the An [phrase omitted] family and the 1555 Gazetteer of Mahu (Mahu fuzhi [phrase omitted]), a prefecture between Sichuan and Yunnan.
Mahu, "Real-time structural damage assessment using artificial neural networks and antiresonant frequencies," Shock and Vibration, vol.
Accordingly, he is ranked among the respected and much-favoured generation of German composers of the first half of the 16th century, whose main representatives were Paul Hofhaimer, Stephanus Mahu, Heinrich Finck, Thomas Stolzer, Sixt Dietrich, Georg Forster, Erasmus Lapicida and Arnold von Bruck.
In 2nd operation, the ANF Peshawar recovered 2 kg hashish from personal possession of the accused namely Mahu Bibi resident of Kurram Agency, travelling in Toyota Hiace (Passenger vehicle) near Motorway Toll Plaza, Peshawar.
The word "Mahu" in Polynesian culture and the concept of being Two-Spirit in some Native American cultures describe those who do not identify as their assigned sex at birth, play out gender roles opposite their assigned sex, or are attracted to same-sex partners, according to biologist Joan Roughgarden, PhD ("Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender and Sexuality in Nature and People" Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2004).