MAIBMarine Accident Investigation Branch
MAIBMovimiento Para la Autodeterminación de la Isla de Bioko (Guinea Ecuatorial)
MAIBMotor Accidents Insurance Board (Australia)
MAIBMediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (International Centre for Advanced Studies on Mediterranean Agriculture; Italy)
MAIBMember of the Australian Institute of Building
MAIBMedical Auxiliary Insurance Brokers (Lancaster, UK)
MAIBMaster of Arts International Business (various universities)
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But the MAIB report said: "Notwithstanding his extensive qualifications, Lex was the least experienced member of the group on the expedition; he had only been on one previous expedition with them (the year before) and his deepest dive then had been to a depth of 78m.
Indeed, this has been a particularly bad year: the MAIB has investigated the deaths of nine commercial fishermen, and today is publishing three reports covering the deaths of four.
The coroner accepted the findings of the MAIB which said the decision to sail in the conditions was "ill conceived" and recommended that information provided to leisure craft operators at the harbour be improved.
The Bank extended the loan to MAIB, Moldova's largest bank, in December 1998 and has worked with MAIB to support local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) since 1995.
We are very conscious of the need to come to a decision as soon as possible as to whether or not the MAIB intend to raise the wreck as part of its investigation.
Initial MAIB tests showed high levels of carbon monoxide inside the cockpit with the engine running.
The MAIB rarely recommends the introduction of new legislation to solve safety problems, but the rate that commercial fishermen are losing their lives due to drowning shows no sign of reducing.
The MAIB said that Mr Jones had become entangled on the starboard warping drum of the winch as he attempted to recover his dredge gear on board on the morning of March 30, 2014, three miles north-east of Port Dinllaen in North Wales.
At the time of the report, MAIB chief inspector Steve Clinch said: "This was a tragic accident and I hope that the lessons resulting from the MAIB's investigation will be learned to prevent further loss of life in the future.
The MAIB, which had published an interim report into the tragedy earlier, released it's full findings today, listing a number of failings.