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MAICOMadison Area Intergroup Central Office (Madison, WI chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous)
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The MAPO and MAICO of each cycle have been averaged over the 80 cycles and normalized to their respective maximum value.
Ladbrokes - 2011 World Sheepdog trials: 10 B Dalziel & Joe (Scotland), 12 T J Knive & Maico (Norway), A Owen & Roy (Wales), 14 M Watson & Milo (England), R Hutchinson & Wenndale Roy (England), 25 H Nilsson & Bozz (Sweden), D Harrison & Ben (England), J Cropper & Black (England), C Cropper & Ned (England), F McCollough & Jake (Ireland), others on request.
En la parte contemporanea de la novela, Johnny Gonzalez llega a Zacatecas con su amigo Maico de la Torre.
Maico Caceres was convicted of a reduced charge of involuntary manslaughter after a 2008 jury trial in Worcester Superior Court and was sentenced to 3-1/2 to 5 years in state prison.
Edwards raced bikes in his 20s and won the Seattle dirt bike motorcycle championship in the 1970s on a German-made Maico bike, which he said blew the competition away because nobody else had one.
Together they owned and operated the Maico Hearing Aid Center until 1965.
No habia nada en las paredes de la habitacion del ciego, ni un lugar donde sentarse, de manera que Maico se quedo de pie.
The collection also includes a wide variety of scooters such as a rare Maico Mobil.
Jonathan Fucina; Maico Geizon Bellini Dos Santos; Henri Stucker; Rafael Saviolo Moreira; Emerson Alexandre Sgrott.
The 44-year-old Hade Edge-based race ace has had an outstanding season winning eight rounds of the national competition, sponsored by Bake & Bite, and six rounds of the Max Equipe Northern Championships, on board a German 490cc Maico bike.
Daniel Perautoni, tuba, performing works by Anthony Plog, Gustav Mahler, Jean Arban, Maico Pinkard, and others.