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MAIDSMurine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
MAIDSMotorcycle Accident In Depth Study
MAIDSMining Alarming Incidents from Data Streams
MAIDSMobile and Internet Dependency Syndrome
MAIDSMaster of Arts in International Development Studies (Thailand)
MAIDSMemory, Arrangement, Invention, Delivery, Style (rhetoric canons)
MAIDSMulti-purpose Automatic Inspection and Diagnostic System
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Two maids were turning up the hem and hurriedly biting off the ends of thread.
It was opened by a little maid in a cap trimmed with gay ribbons, who bowed respectfully and asked:
There was no kitchen maid to be found; of the nine cows, it appeared from the words of the cowherd-woman that some were about to calve, others had just calved, others were old, and others again hard-uddered; there was not butter nor milk enough even for the children.
They pulled without flagging, and carried not only Nausicaa and her wash of clothes, but the maids also who were with her.
By some extraordinary oversight, Miss Bygrave had been left, on the eve of her marriage, unprovided with a maid. Noel Vanstone declared that he would take the whole responsibility of correcting this deficiency in the arrangements, on his own shoulders; he would not trouble Mr.
"And a last cup to the maids of our heart!" cried Aylward.
But the princess was very gentle and meek, so she said nothing to her maid's ill behaviour, but got upon her horse again.
"And perhaps you can help us to the man." And he briefly narrated what the maid had seen, and showed the broken stick.
So some make ready the bower, the tables and the seats, while Maid Marian, Little John and others set out to hunt.
Partridge likewise shovelled in his share of calumny, and (what may surprize the reader) not only bespattered the maid, but attempted to sully the lily-white character of Sophia herself.
Now the maid saw him and screamed faintly, then grew silent, wondering at the greatness and the fierce eyes of the man who spoke to her.
it is there you are mistaken, madame," said Montalais, highly exasperated; "I am no longer a maid of honor, of madame's at least."