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He added that schools in Maifa district remain closed and calm has not yet been restored.
The army entered Jawl Raida city, the capital of Maifa district, on Wednesday morning, according to Salim Al-Sayel, a journalist in Shabwa.
Military forces also moved through Belhaf area towards Radhoom in Maifa district in Shabwa governorate.
Abdulla Hussein Al-Amri, a soldier taking part in the offensive in Shabwa, said that the military has secured areas of Maifa, Azan and Haban.
On Friday, five Al-Qaeda affiliates were killed in addition to an unknown number of injuries in Maifa district in Shabwa, according to the defense ministry's website.
Mubark Lazlm, the assistant security manager of Shabwa governorate, said the Yemeni government hired Omani trucks to move the generators from Maifa to Marib governorate.
Salim Yaslam, secretary of the local council of Maifa district, Shabwa, said to that the central security forces had left the district.
They have been sent to a temporary camp in Maifa district of Shabwa province.
The morning breaks and, with your companions, you walk to the nearest Yemeni village, Maifa'a, where you get food and a temporary accommodation from the UNHCR.