MAIJMajlis Agama Islam Johor (Indonesian: Administrative Law Islamic State of Johor)
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Ia an English manuscript dictioaary of saints of the late fifteenth century(3) Joha is described as a bishop who ~post multa clara opera solitarie vixit Rome, Maij migrauit ad dominum, apud Beuerlacum sepultus est'.
Deputy Hester Maij: I warmly congratulate the winners on their election as the Greenest Street in Overijssel.
By 1418-19 the payments include 40d to the waits for bringing in the May and 4d to 'lusoribus qui luserunt ante Maij'.
The regional directors are deputies Sietske Poepjes (Frysln), Henk Staghouwer (Groningen), Cees Bijl (Drenthe), Hester Maij (Overijssel), Josan Meijers (Gelderland), alderman Fimke Hijlkema (Ooststellingwerf) and mayor Andr van de Nadort (Weststellingwerf) ).
Daan van de Poel will be kept with the business with Noderlijk as general manager, Maij as commercial director and Schalekamp as managing director.
- The creation of at least 170 hectares of habitat type "Lowland (blue) grassland Molinia (H6410) ~and~ Lowland hay meadows (H6510)" in the areas of the Maij, Honderdmorgen and Vlijmen Ven by constructing or modifying structures and waterways and the excavation of the ground;
170 ha of newly naturalised grassland habitats on areas in Honderdmorgen, De Maij, Vlijmens Ven and Heidijk that were formerly unsuitable for the species because of intensive agricultural use;