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So the guard of the Dover mail thought to himself, that Friday night in November, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, lumbering up Shooter's Hill, as he stood on his own particular perch behind the mail, beating his feet, and keeping an eye and a hand on the arm-chest before him, where a loaded blunderbuss lay at the top of six or eight loaded horse-pistols, deposited on a substratum of cutlass.
Gentlemen, my uncle used to SAY that he thought all this at the time, but I rather suspect he learned it out of some book afterwards, for he distinctly stated that he fell into a kind of doze, as he sat on the old axle-tree looking at the decayed mail coaches, and that he was suddenly awakened by some deep church bell striking two.
This rig of mine's kinder small for the mail bags and I'm some heftier than Thomas
Money will buy most things, nowadays, sir," he observed, "but if it isn't fit for our mail boat, it certainly isn't fit for anything else that can come into Harwich Harbour.
When I get back with the mail, I'll head that way so fast you-all won't see my trail for smoke.
The word "Cape" rises across the face of a dial; a gong strikes: the South African mid-weekly mail is in at the Highgate Receiving Towers.
On one side of the saddle hung a short battle-axe, richly inlaid with Damascene carving; on the other the rider's plumed head-piece and hood of mail, with a long two-handed sword, used by the chivalry of the period.
Further particulars may be looked for by the next mail.
Further, I took the civil service examinations for mail carrier and passed first.
I have waited for mail after mail, in the hope of being able to send you some good news at last.
Maturin's advertisement Daily Mail might suit you earnestly beg try will speak if necessary "
They come a racing out of Lad Lane and Wood Street at twelve or fourteen mile a hour, them Mails do.