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MAIMMajlis Agama Islam Melaka (Malay: Melaka Islamic Council; Malaysia)
MAIMMaritime Anti-Invasion Mine
MAIMModern Advances in Medicine (humor newsletter; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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I am a poor, maimed, discharged soldier, and must be content to rub through life as I can.
"No--don't say that--your life need not be maimed," said Dorothea, gently.
And so I could not bring myself to believe that such a gallant tale had been left maimed and mutilated, and I laid the blame on Time, the devourer and destroyer of all things, that had either concealed or consumed it.
This old gentleman, on carefully examining the maimed chair, discovered that its broken leg might be clamped with iron and made as serviceable as ever."
Poor devils, many of them were maimed, hacked, carved, in a frightful way; and their hair, their faces, their clothing, were caked with black and stiffened drenchings of blood.
The ugly monster, when he saw me, distorted several ways, every feature of his visage, and stared, as at an object he had never seen before; then approaching nearer, lifted up his fore-paw, whether out of curiosity or mischief I could not tell; but I drew my hanger, and gave him a good blow with the flat side of it, for I durst not strike with the edge, fearing the inhabitants might be provoked against me, if they should come to know that I had killed or maimed any of their cattle.
'MAIM is engaged in discussions on various aspects of the matter and the plan of action will be finalised this year itself,' he said.
"I've already indicated I'm fearful that before long you are going to kill or maim yourself, or worse still, kill or maim somebody else.
Preston Crown Court heard that in committing the offence Simpson had admitted his intent was to "permanently maim" Mr Harrison.
These practices of bodily as well as infrastructural debilitation, loosely effaced in concerns about 'disproportionate force', indicate the extension or perhaps the mutation of the 'right to kill' claimed by states in warfare into what I am calling the 'right to maim'.
The garage boss was told his workshop would be burned down and he would be maimed or killed, Teesside Crown Court heard.
"I cannot see the logic of throwing bombs at the back of a police station and then leaving an unexploded one for children to pick up." He added the attack was an attempt to kill and maim police in a way that "exposed the community to massive risk".