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MAIMSMember of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists
MAIMSMoney Allocated Is Money Spent (project planning)
MAIMSModular Audio Intelligence Monitoring System
MAIMSMaharaja Agresen Institute of Management Studies
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I am a poor, maimed, discharged soldier, and must be content to rub through life as I can.
There is defiance in the remaining stumps of her masts, raised up like maimed limbs against the menacing scowl of a stormy sky; there is high courage in the upward sweep of her lines towards the bow; and as soon as, on a hastily-rigged spar, a strip of canvas is shown to the wind to keep her head to sea, she faces the waves again with an unsubdued courage.
With respect to the exposing or bringing up of children, let it be a law, that nothing imperfect or maimed shall be brought up, ..........