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MAJCOMMajor Command (USAF)
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Above all, ERM has allowed us, as a MAJCOM, to understand and remove the roadblocks hindering us from moving full steam ahead to success.
Historically, the Air Force MAJCOM structure evolved from conflicts in World War II and the Cold War and were based on weapon-system class, mission areas, and region (fig.
The SORTS output would be available to MAJCOM and base managers for planning and contingency execution and to AFGLSC stock control personnel to take action (buy, repair or redistribute) to fill equipment shortages.
certainly many command chiefs and other senior enlisted leaders serving at base, MAJCOM, or headquarters level.
In addition, either the MAJCOM or DCMD-I provides on-site surveillance.
Working in a small MAJCOM with two funding sources was a great way to broaden my skills.
Air Force instructions require major commands (MAJCOM) to ensure OJT for 3-level aircraft maintainers upon arrival at their units from technical school.
The campaign has matured into a robust program that includes full-time Sexual Assault Response Coordinators at several installations and every MAJCOM that work closely with the Headquarters program management office We have also created dedicated, full-time positions at main operating locations in deployed areas to provide the same level of support that victims receive at home station.
Lord: The work of an AF MAJCOM is the organizing, training and equipping of forces ...
The Directorate of Logistics Readiness (AF/ILG) integrates Air Force Agile Combat Support (ACS) concepts, doctrine, exercises, and sustainment policies with OSD, Defense Agencies, JCS, CINC, and MAJCOM staffs.