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MAJICMatlab Just-in-Time Compiler
MAJICMothers against Jesse in Congress (North Carolina)
MAJICMulti-Agency Justice Integration Consortium (Alaska)
MAJICMulti-TADIL Advanced Joint Interoperability Course
MAJICMonopulse Angle Jamming Integrated Countermeasure
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Phase I--and MAJIC in particular--demonstrated that Army and Marine Corps tactical units can transmit requests for emergency logistics requirements between logistics systems using interpretive software (middleware) to translate the raw data inherent in the variable-message-format requests between the Services.
AMLID's service-oriented architecture allows different applications to exchange data, and tools such as MAJIC will make it possible to securely exchange information between Service enterprise resource planning systems and legacy systems.
As owner of MAJIC Transport, he is a member of Landstar's Million Dollar Club and was one of only five agents out of a field force of 1,050 to be nominated for the company's General's Award.
For more information, contact MAJIC at Box 277, 7474 Creed moor Rd.
Each rider on Team MAJIC has a masters rider for a coach.
Get good grades, or no cycling is a Team MAJIC rule.
Designed for a multicore environment, the MAJIC series probes provide JTAG connection to the debug support unit designed into each OCTEON Plus cnMIPS core.
The EDGE MAJIC JTAG probe completes the tools-to-targets connection for hardware-assisted debug, incorporating Cell/B.
The project, named MAJIC (Mapping Alaska's Justice InterChanges), is managed by Alaska's Criminal Justice Information Advisory Board (CJIAB), which advises the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and other justice agencies on developing and operating criminal justice information systems.
In addition to EDB, the MAJIC Series supports the most popular third-party debug tools, including MontaVista Linux Professional tools, GNU GDB and Wind River Tornado.
This allows developers using the Intel network and control plane processors to take advantage of the intelligence of the MAJIC Series probes while maintaining the ability to use a familiar debug interface.