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MAJORSManaging Access for Juvenile Offender Resources and Services (rehabilitative/mental health care; North Carolina)
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The first speaker was evidently Major Fitz-David himself.
"I think I had better not see her, Oliver," the Major's voice resumed.
"Very good," said the major, "I do not demand more, you understand" --
The major looked at the count with his large staring eyes, and then took a survey of the apartment, but his gaze almost immediately reverted to the proprietor of the room.
"But then," replied the major, "you will have to give this projectile enormous dimensions."
"I give it up," answered the major. "You have such a way of simplifying things.
The major commanded a halt by merely halting, and, evidently himself a bit "skeered," rode on alone to reconnoiter.
After riding about a hundred yards toward the forest, the major suddenly and sharply reined in his horse and sat motionless in the saddle.
"That I'll go bail for," said the Major, trying to look knowing, at which George laughed; and Mrs.
No sooner did the men about the fire hear the tread of the major's horse than a hoarse cry, the cry of famine, arose,--
Major Putnam was a bald-headed, bull-necked man, short and very broad, with one of those rather apoplectic faces that are produced by a prolonged attempt to combine the oriental climate with the occidental luxuries.
Major Thomson, set at liberty, made his way at once towards the small table at which Captain Granet and Geraldine Conyers were seated.