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(3) CPT Paul Lushenko and MAJ David Hammerschmidt, "Back to the Future: Managing Training to Win in a Complex World," Military Review (January-February 2015): 52.
This is because, for the first time, there were two female Army judge advocates in attendance: MAJ Ann Wansley and MAJ Mary L.
A couple of months after the unofficial Air Force mountaineering team descended from Mount Everest, Majs. Rob Marshall and Mark Uberuaga led a pair of wounded combat controllers on a climb of Mount Rainier in Washington.
During the first major campaign of the Civil War in July 1861, the Signal officer of the Army, MAJ Albert J.
Those purchases include an $800,000 colonial in Needham, the home of state commander Maj. William Bode, and a nearly $500,000 house in Bridgewater.
HT-18 Operations Officer Maj. Michael Marko concluded, "As long as the basic skill set that is required to check into fleet squadrons remains the same, we will fly the TH-57 and give the students the necessary skill that enables them to progress into their assigned fleet helicopter.
The list of instructors includes names such as future Flying Tiger leader Maj. Claire Chennault, Majs.
Federico Navarro Perez and Majs. Carlos Pichilingue Guevara and Santiago Martin Rivas, as well as several lower-ranking military.
With several hundred Arabic-named horses at the jockey's disposal, from the Als to the Bints, the Majs to the Saas, Hills has a routine to prevent getting himself in a hopeless tangle.
[23.] Madode YE, Houssou PA, Linnemann AR, Hounhouigan DJ, Nout MJR and MAJS van Boekel Preparation, consumption and nutritional composition of West African cowpea dishes.
David Piffarerio, and Majs. Jonathan Gration, Ryan Pelkola and Chad Newkirk flew the most experienced four-ship sortie in the history of the F-22.
all of them would be Majors (MAJs) on the staff of the Judge Advocate General in the field." (1) Just a year earlier, the authorized strength of the JAGD had been thirteen JAs.