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MAJSMaster of Arts in Jewish Studies
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In the opening article in this issue, CPT Adam Kieffer and MAJ Renee Cole report on their study of nutrition choices and weight gain among Wounded Warriors assigned to WTUs at four Army medical centers.
During the first major campaign of the Civil War in July 1861, the Signal officer of the Army, MAJ Albert J.
Those purchases include an $800,000 colonial in Needham, the home of state commander Maj.
MAJ Jake Jacobs and CPT Mike Eliassen are the current assignment officers moving to Fort Knox.
15th--(1779) MAJ Pete Kranenburg and SFC John Przytulski, 1st SWTG
MAJ Jessica McCoy's article presents a different aspect of the missions of veterinary Soldiers, the veterinary civil action program (VETCAP).
Kayode APP, Linnemann AR, Nout MJR and MAJS Van Boekel Impact of sorghum processing on phytate, phenolic compounds and in vitro solubility of iron and zinc in thick porridges.
8) The author thanks COLs Benenson, Gouge, Hoke, Karwacki, O'Donnell, Sanchez, Stikes, LTCs Kelly, Feighner, Novakoski, and MAJs Nang, Keep, for their patience and effort as participants in the Delphi process conducted in 1999.
James Stewart and Hector Velez, Majs Mike MeGinn and Ken Zieleck, Master Sergeant Gary Griftin and Staff Sergeant Maurice Bease for their assistance with this article.
Lt Cols Brian Anderson and Mary Hausen, Majs Don Broyles and Mark Ely, Capts Jim Covelli and Brenden Rowe, 1Lt Ryan Wellman 96th Bomb Sqdn.
Both MAJs Dexter and Dubreuil had stories of problems that were tackled and overcome by various team members.
Both MAJs Scarbrough and Menicucci, said the weather and terrain have given the battalion a "feel" for its next two-week mission in the rugged landscape of the Republic of Korea, scheduled March 2004.