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MAKMackinaw City (Amtrak station code; Mackinaw, MI)
MAKMultiple Activation Key (Microsoft)
MAKMusica Antiqua Koln (band)
MAKMouvement pour l'Autonomie de la Kabylie (French: Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia; Algeria)
MAKMethyl Amyl Ketone (chemical)
MAKMbs Authorization Key
MAKMultiple Activation Key
MAKMake File
MAKMaster Acknowledge
MAKMoms of Autistic Kids
MAKMake File (Filename Extension)
MAKMacedonian Airlines (ICAO code)
MAKMaximale Arbeitsplatz Konzentration (German)
MAKMaksutov Telescope
MAKMaktab Al-Khidamar (aka Afgan Bureau)
MAKMaktab Al-Khidimat (anti-Soviet Afghan group, 1980s)
MAKMarine Armor Kit
MAKMeal Assembly Kitchen
MAKMemory Acknowledge
MAKMaximal Admissible Concentration
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At the start of his book, at the 1900 Paris World Fair, along the streets of the city of the Grand Illumination, we meet not just prophets of the new century but ordinarily forgotten grandperes and grandmeres, who in different guises intrude their way into Mak's narrative of epoch change.
The grievance and a subsequent appeal were both dismissed and Ms Mak claims she had no choice but to resign in December 2009, after being signed off sick since March, because of Waygood board's refusal to take her complaints seriously.
Wong lost a lot of money as she could not concentrate on her mahjong tiles, while upholding her assumed identity of Mak. For Mrs.
Mak is serving a 24-year sentence in federal prison.
In recalling the Cold War, Mak unaccountably avoids Yalta, scene of the 1945 meeting of Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin Roosevelt, where the contours of postwar Europe began to congeal.
Alan Naisby, managing director of MaK Middle East and MaK Asia, said: "While MaK Middle East is proud of its contributions in helping customers succeed and improving the maritime industry, we are never satisfied.
Relying on Caterpillar's many years of experience with gas as a fuel for land-based power, MaK dual-fuel marine engines have successfully penetrated the maritime market, driving the industry's adoption of gas technology, said a statement.
Not thinking of Fashion Design as a degree option for himself during that time, Mak took up Production Design in De La Salle -- College of Saint Benilde instead.
Related video: Mak Tumang on theinspiration behind the gowns "They're inspired by Philippine arts and culture, to show what the Philippines is all about," he said.
In Mak's Relics series, turn-of-the-millennium consumer electronic devices such as the CD Walkman and original Nintendo Game Boy are rendered in the grandiose style of religious icons.
"MAK is widely recognized in the United States and internationally as a leading provider of matrimonial and family law legal services," said Steven D.
He was speaking while welcoming the invitees to the new office premises of Crowe Mak Ghazali, the member firm of Crowe Global, the 8th largest accounting network worldwide.