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MAKAMaulana Abul Kalam Azad (India's first Minister of Education)
MAKAMetropolitan Area Killifish Association (Lyndhurst, NJ)
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The MAKA trophy is conferred to a top-performing university in sports.
Maka. Il a precise que l'infirmier, etant au centre de la mise en Auvre de la CMU, doit donc beneficier de renforcement de capacites.
Maka is currently housing a 16-year-old girl she rescued from an early marriage in Bangale.
The Maka al-Mukarama hotel is frequently patronised by government officials, and al-Shabab has targeted it multiple times in past attacks that have killed scores of people.
The main street of Maka Al Mukaram where the blast occurred was closed on Friday.
He also held various positions at the MAKA, headed the Agdam mechanical plant and the space instruments pilot plant in Baku.
En este articulo nos interesa, por un lado, referirnos a la cuestion de como estudiar estos fenomenos en lenguas que no poseen una documentacion de larga data, como es el caso de las lenguas indigenas; y, por otro lado, explicar la coexistencia de dos o mas funciones para una misma forma en la lengua maka.
'Bila sudah ada kepala pasukan (calon yang dipilih) maka kita sokong lah, dia dipilih pucuk pimpinan parti, bukan pilih main-main, dia dipilih melalui kajian segala sumber maka terimalah dia sebagai calon yang terbaik,' katanya.
Polish immigrant Daniel Maka, 38, was jailed for two years after he targeted the 83-year-old woman's room to nick her presents.
By BRIAN OKINDAA little-known local enterprise in Emali town, Makueni County, is etching its mark on the global art and craft-making scene.The group, Maka Emali Group, exports its locally made pieces to international markets, hence improving its members' lives while fostering peaceful coexistence between the Maasai and Kambas communities, who dominate the little township of Emali.
In "Muskrat and Skunk / Sinkpe Na Maka: A Lakota Drum Story", Donald F.
I remember that when I was first here doing my military service one of the most fashionable words was "maka".